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A Night To Remember (Reprise)[]

A Night To Remember (Reprise)
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Album: Marriot 6 Soundtrack
Released: June 01, 2013
By: Ashley Tisdale & Jemma Mckenzie-Brown
Sung by: Portia and Tiara
Solos: Portia and Tiara
Place: School's Auditorium
Episode: The Final Marriot

A Night To Remember (Reprise) is a song performed by Portia and Tiara.


[Guys] Whos that girl? Shes so fine Whos that girl? I dont recognize Whos that girl? She looks so good, yeah Guess weve never really noticed, but weve probably should

[Tiara] Before! On the night of nights, the night of nights, tonight! Lets dance, on the night of nights, you know were gonna do it right!

[Tiara & Portia] Its gonna be our night!

[Guys] You know it!

[Tiara & Portia] To remember!

[Guys] For all time!

[Portia] Surprise!

[Portia & Guys] Big fun!

[Tiara & Portia] Its gonna be the night

[Guys] The best!

[Tiara & Portia] To last forever!

[Guys] The rest of our lives!

[Tiara & Portia] Well never, ever, ever forget! Its gonna be.

[Portia] My night!

[Guys] Oh yeah!

[Portia & Tiara] All together!

[Guys] Say it loud!

[Portia & Tiara] Come on now, everyone! Thats right! Its gonna be the night!

[Tiara] You can bet!

[Portia & Tiara] To remember!

[Guys] Hear the crowd!

[Portia & Tiara] And never, ever, ever, never, ever, ever, never, ever, never, ever, ever forget!



A Night To Remember (Reprise)