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Season One, Episode Five
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"Battle Of The Sexists"


"Kinko Jams"


Dacav5 was watching Wonder Girls new music video "Nobody" and they wondered why are they even watching thier new music when they hate them why? then at lunch they decided to just sing just for the fun of it "Remix Song" and Yubin walked in and siad "it's not that easy Jenna" and walked off they were trying to find out what the fuck is she even talking about but then they continued

Then later Jackie walked in Jenna's house and told her that there is a comtest that if we make the best music video then we get to perform for Kyary's new music video (Candy Candy) then they went for it then Jenna practiced and practiced and practiced but can never get any better then The Wonder Girls then they decide to the cafeteria at 4am and noticed that The Wonder Girls are already sitting in the spot they wanted and in the laptop Yubin is in her house and said "you really think that you are going to get the spot to practice for Kyary fat chance there is no freaking way that you will ever have to do your own time of getting your horrible band in her music now i can catch up on my morning yoga" and Jenna & Jackie closed it and then they heard "It's not that easy Jenna" on thier cell phones

Then at the contest Dacav5 went 1st adn they gave out an amazing performance "Gravity" then Wonder Girls performed "Joyo Joyo" and Kyary decided to go and judge the contest but , then Dacav5 decided to sing thier song again and Wonder Girls singed their song then made a mash-up song on "Gravity /Joyo Joyo" and Kyary decied the best band is .... DACAV5

Then later Dacav5 performed "Candy Candy" with Kyary


  • "Nobody" Sung by Wonder Girls
  • "Remix Song" Sung by Jenna
  • "Gravity" Sung by Dacav5
  • "Joyo Joyo" Sung by Wonder Girls
  • "Gravity/Joyo Joyo" Sung by Dacav5 & Wonder Girls
  • "Candy Candy" Sung by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & Dacav5.

Celebrity Guest Star[]

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as herself