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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Aqua
Height: 6'3" (168 cm)
Occupation(s): Famous Singer
Aliases: Karma (Everyone)
Family & Friends
Friends: Sophie Perkins
Relationships: Andy Mercer (one night stand)
Enemies: Everyone
Other Information
Interests: Singing, Acting, Dancing
Education: Sherwood University
Talent: Singing, Acting, Dancing
Series Information
First appearance: The New Jenna
Last appearance:
Portrayed By: Cory Lee


Season 5:[]

The New Jenna[]

Andy confronts Daisy at the Pilates class she teaches. He claims that her allegations of sexual harassment against him are untrue, whereas she recalls that she had to go through four callbacks to "Sweet Charity" and when she finally refused to sleep with him she mysteriously lost out on the job.


Daisy reappears, apologizing to Andy for the allegations made last fall. She admits she only made them because she knew her career was failing, so she thought they would get her back out there. Andy then invites her back to his place, after being rejected by Portia.

Moore Hayley[]

Daisy appears as she is seen while Veronica and Hayley performs, On Broadway (Reprise) and she comes over to Andy and tells him that he can stop whatever he does and worry about how he needs to be with a girl who has style. Later, she performs Ghost Of Mine as she seduces the music producer to get in.

Shooting Stars[]

Daisy is seen performing Bounce On It. She forces Andy to compliment on her new song.

Broadway Starz[]

Daisy appears when she steals one of Cody's song and performs Goodbye as one of her music videos.

Country Song[]

Daisy appears as she performs Play Dumb and she winks at Andy.


Daisy appears backstage as she was about to ask Andy to marry her and he turned her down harsh and she threw a hair dryer at him.

Season 6:[]


Daisy appears and performs Candyman with Sophie.

The Tonys[]

Daisy appears at The Tony and recieves a award.

The Final Marriot[]

Daisy Blackmails Derek to give her Ana's role of the Diva.As she is the Diva she sabotages the show coming from orders from Terri and Morgan stopped her before it was too late and Daisy was upset about that and stormed off.



Season 5:


Season 6: