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Assistant Manager


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Jackie Doorman

The Wonder Girls

The Queens

First Appearance

Marriot Pilot

Portroyed by

Mariah O'Brien

Donna is the assistant of Jenna to help come up with ways on beating the Wonder Girls

She shows a very tough appearence and personallity and seems to have a strong hatred on Jackie and shows by looking at her and crushing a can of beer

She is the sister of Z and he didn't want to tell that to anyone expecally Jackie sense they hate each other

Jackie stole her boyfriend Richie at 5th Grade and scar's Donna for life until she found out she is in a band called Dacav5 and got Z (her brother) and Jenna to be her assistant to get closer Jackie

She then later opened the door and asked Jenna and Jake "is everything alright" and she said "Bye" and left a newspaper article saying that Jackie and Jake had sex last night and Paparazzi got the shot and turned and glared at him

While Donna leaves with a smile and ... morphs into a Buissness Man




  • Donna is the sister of Z
  • Jackie and Donna knew each other sense 5th Grade
  • Donna is the 1st "Episode" Antagonist The Queens were the Season 1 Antagonists and The Wonder Girls were the 1st Series Antagonists
  • Donna is more manipulative then Yubin
  • Mariah O'Brien the actress who plays "Donna" at first refused to play a "mean girl" role but then she read the script and notice she is only going to be in 1 episode then she agreed and took it
  • Donna is based off of "Cynda" in the hit TV Series "Charmed" when she is in her antigonist side on Jackie and "Marcilene" in "Adventure Time" when she hangs around with Z
  • Mariah decided she had fun with her episode so she went did more