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Harmony Jones[]

Harmony Jones
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General Information
Gender: Female


Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Black
Height: 5"9" (168 cm)
Occupation(s): Student at Ashfalls High
Aliases: Harm (Everyone)
Family & Friends
Family: Mrs. Jones (mother)
  • Hayley Rose
  • Dean Miles
  • Jake Perkins
  • Molly Joan Fizgerald
  • Miranda Holt
  • Kavena Hope
  • Jasmine Nelson
  • Kenny Thompson
  • Topher Donald
  • Cody Meeks
  • Jenna Perkawitz
  • Jo
  • Joanna Clark
  • Zoey Williams
  • Ana Burroe
  • Joey Simpson
  • Blaine Tuttle
  • Simon Smitt
  • Brenda
  • Portia Van Steele
  • Jackie
  • Leah
  • Zach Evans
  • Sophie Perkins (sometimes)
  • Andrea Moyer
  • Trevor Diamond
  • Kitty Baxter
  • Charlie Swift
  • Melissa Wilde
  • Zach Evans (crush, ended)
  • Kyle Simpson (boyfriend)
  • Sophie Perkins (sometimes)
  • Buddy "Bud" Stokes
  • Buckley "Buzz" Rock
  • Layla Grant
  • Chloe Rivas
  • Debbie Johnson
Other Information
Interests: Singing and Acting
Education: Ashfalls High
Talent: Singing and Acting
Weaknesses: Breakups
Series Information
First appearance: The Callbacks
Last appearance:
Portrayed By: Katharine McPhee


Harmony is another student in Ashfalls High. She is one of the most musically talented students in Meso-Teens. She is more of a down to earth girl but, with a scary and dark personality as she is nice and sweet on the outside but with a terrifying amount of streagth that even she does not know she has. She seems to be having more relationship problems as she thinks she has as she is having and losing more boyfriends than everyone to where she has a record and she denies it as she knows that she really should be better off alone.


Zach Evans[]

(crush, ended)

Harmony had a crush on Zach at The Callbacks and she wanted to ask him to a small date and he accepted it as Jo becomes jealous and when she found out that he is taken she leaves and accepts thier love

Kyle Simpson[]


Harmony met Kyle somewhere between summer vacation as they become a more frequent relationship together.



Season 6:


Season 6: