Heistin (Hei/di + Jus/tin) is the romantic pairing between Heidi Mash and Justin Daily.

Justin & Heidi
General Information
Nickname Mash&Daily
Intimacy Level Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Started Friendship Before Marriot Pilot
Friendship Status Dating


Marriot PilotEdit

  • Heidi attmits she has a boyfriend but she said "He's modeling in Italy "

Just MarkedEdit

  • Heidi hugs Justin when he is introduced
  • Justin is holding Heidi
  • Justin and Heidi make-out
  • Heidi is staring at his butt with her bonculers instead of spying on Jenna
  • Heidi kiss him goobye to class


  • Justin making out with Heidi during Dacav5's concert
  • Justin saying "i love you babe" to Heidi
  • Justin and Heidi exchange gifts to each other


  • Justin and Heidi stare at each other
  • Both go on a trip to The Beach
  • Both holding hands
  • Both swimming in the ocean
  • Justin making out with Heidi's picture