I'm Moving OnEdit

I'm Moving On
Song 76
General Information
Realease Date: 12/3/12
Sung By: Everyone


Mary-Lou Helperman: Mrs. Manly Manning

Mrs. Mary-Lou Manly Manning

Mrs. Mary-Lou Moira Angela Darling Helperman Manly Manning!

Scot "Manly Manning": I'm sorry I have to interrupt this musical moment, Mary-Lou, I guess I'll never see you again. It's time for me to go.

Mary-Lou: Oh me oh my oh no!

Leonard Helperman: I've never been so low.

Dr. Ivan Krank: Oh, where did my dog-man-

Scot and Dr. Krank: Go!?  

Scot: I gotta go

I don't know where, I only know,

My former friend is now my foe

He couldn't stand the status quo,

I said I'd stay but he said no

And now doggone, this dog is gone,

I'm moving on

I gotta go!  

Mary-Lou: Like a dream, he was here, and now he's gone

He drank my coffee, ate my candy

Dreaming like I said,

I thought he was my manly man

Everything was fine and dandy

Where did he go?  

Scot: I'm gone

Mary-Lou: Don't go

Leonard: Oh, no, what have I done?

Mary-Lou: Oh no

Leonard: I kicked him out,

He took the keys to freedom

Leonard and Mary-Lou: Now he's going, now he's going, now he's gone.  

Dr. Krank: My lovely dog-man

Oh, precious pretty dog-man

Dear itty-bitty dog I made a man

Mary-Lou: Where have you gone?

Leonard: He took the keys

Dr. Krank: You were the key to my success.

Scot: I knew what's wrong

Leonard: He's gone

Mary-Lou: He's gone

Scot: I'm moving on!

Dr. Krank: (Spoken) Find him!  

Dennis and Adele: Where did you go, dog-man?

Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly: We thought we'd go with you and look, Spot

Dennis and Adele: Where did you go, dog-man?

Leonard and Mary-Lou: We wanna know where have you gone, Scot?

Dennis and Adele: Where have you gone to?  

Scot: I'm gone

Mary-Lou: He's gone...he's moving on (All: He's always going, always going, going, going, going, going, gone)

Scot: Pardon the pun, I am going, without knowing

There's a place where I belong.

I'm moving on!

All: Where did you go, dog-man? (x4) (Leonard: Spot, Scot, Spot,Scot) (Mary-Lou: He's gone (drawn out))

He's gone

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