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I Think Im In Love[]

I Think Im In Love
Song Song.jpg
Released: September 11, 2012
By: Dacav5
Sung by: Jenna and Kyle
Solos: Jenna and Kyle
Place: Dacav5 HQ
Episode: Empty Times


Jenna: (spoken) You all know that special time of year the year that makes you wanna jump up and be yourself

Here it is Now i can say that I Think Im In Love now i love Valentines Day it can change so many people who can represent more than we can reach for that special someone and be with them forever---------

Kyle: (rapping) Now here we go turn my swag on i see all the pretty ladies staring strieght at me and my perfect swag it's that time of day where all the dudes get their girls now come on and take my hand and i'll take you on a love journey to romance islands of all time and forever oh oh oh oh

Jenna: Hey come on baby I Think Im In Love here we are sitting here having our little time of love and future marrage and now here I come in and share my own life with that special someone

Jenna and Kyle: I Think Im In Love!

Jenna: Baby now see how we can go

Jenna and Kyle: I Think Im In Love!

Jenna: okay okay now come on and follow me

Jenna and Kyle: I Think Im In Love

Jenna: Please please please baby come along with me on Valentines Day and take me away to your chariet of love as I Think Im In... Loooooooooooove

Kyle: Yeah