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Janelle Rivas[]

Janelle Rivas
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5"7" (168 cm)
Occupation(s): Student at Ashfalls High
Family & Friends
Family: Shelby Rivas (mother)
  • Jenna Perkawitz (best friend)
  • Andy Mercer (best friend)
  • Z
  • Sarah Monawaki
  • Joannie Kuvago
  • Logan Henderson
  • Kyle Dylan
  • Justin Daily
  • Katy Perry
  • Ronnie Moore
  • Martha Becks
  • Alex
  • Emma
  • Donna
  • Heidi Mash (sometimes)
  • Jesse Moss
  • Derek Haig
  • Olivia Sanchez
  • Kenny Sanchez
  • Kolten Hayes
  • Maggie Christenson
  • Lisa Chase
  • Marissa Pelt
  • Cameron James
  • Charlie Swift
  • Jasmine Nelson
  • Hayley Rose
  • Kenny Thompson
  • Jake Perkins
  • Topher Donald
  • Cody Meeks
  • Sophie Perkins
  • Portia Van Steele
  • Jackie
  • Leah
  • Jo
  • Joanna Clark
  • Zoey Williams
  • Jenna Perkawitz
  • Ana Burroe
  • Joey Simpson
  • Zach Evans
  • Dean Miles
  • Blaine Tuttle
  • Simon Smitt
  • Miranda Holt
  • Andrea Moyer
  • Harmony Jones
  • Molly Joan Fizgerald
  • Kavena Hope
  • Valarie Yeligama
  • Brenda
  • Kitty Baxter
  • Melissa Wilde
  • Z (ex-boyfriend)
  • Joey Simpson (boyfriend)
  • Brenda Haggenstans
  • Wonder Girls
  • Robert Cream
  • Jake Masters
  • Jessie
  • Buddy "Bud" Stokes
  • Buckly "Buzz" Rock
  • Frida
  • Johannah
  • Jackie Doorman
Other Information
Interests: Singing, Acting and Dancing
Education: Ashfalls High School
  • Her voice
  • Vocal range
  • Leadership
  • Solos
  • Dancing
  • Powerful ballads
  • Ballads
  • Broadway performances
  • Comforting others
  • Protesting her the neglect of her talents
  • Determination
  • Jealousy on people's talent that push her
  • Breakups
  • Self-esteem
  • Giving up solos
  • Not having her dreams come true
  • Being deceived
Series Information
First appearance: Marriot Pilot
Last appearance:
Portrayed By: Hayley Hannah


Janelle is a perfectionist and she is an amazing singer for both Dacav5 and Meso-Teens. Janelle, Jenna, Jackie and Emma are close friends and all Janelle wanted was to be lead vocalist. She is a huge fan of Mariah Carey that's why every single solo she performs are all songs from Mariah Carey. She was one of the three major self-proclaimed divas of the band: the others being two of her closest friends, Emma and Jackie Doorman.

Janelle is a very driven and ambitious young woman. She was raised by her two gay fathers, Ledone and Jeremy Rivas, and was able to meet her biological mother Joanne Costello, the former coach of Vocal Rush in Just Marked. Janelle is very competitive and often flaunts her "diva" behavior by demanding the spotlight and being the center of attention, due to her dream of performing on Broadway. However, on numerous occasions, during her tenure as a Dacav5 member, Janelle shown that she was slowly becoming more considerate and supportive towards the other members of the band.

Janelle is always forcing herself to anything that will "make her a superstar" but, she seems to never get it towards her voulgar attitude towards getting it or that some people would shoot her down for random occasions.


Joey Simpson[]


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