Joustin (Jo/annie + J/ustin) is the romantic pair between Joannie Kuvago and Justin Daily

General Information
Nickname Kuvago/Daily
Intimacy Level Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Started Friendship Kill-Hate-Revenge
Friendship Status Dating


Just MarkedEdit

  • Joannie gazes at Justin when Martha introduces him to Dacav5
  • Joannie finds out about him and Heidi together and she drops a tear
  • She visit Heidi and sees a picture frame of Justin and takes it home


  • Justin & Joannie kisses
  • Justin stares at Joannie
  • Joannie blushes everytime she sees him
  • Justin and Joannie fought over leadership of the team
  • Joannie and Justin gaze at each other with adoring eyes after having become a couple.


  • Joannie blows a kiss to Justin durning "Masqurade"
  • Joannie and Justin makes out
  • They both wink at each other


  • He winked at Joannie and she blushed and ran off while he was still with Heidi
  • Joannie and Justin almost kissed
  • Joannie stalked Justin with his homeboys
  • Justin stalks Joannie when she is walking in the woods with her buddies
  • The "alleged cuddling" as Joannie called it.