Just Do MeEdit

Just Do Me
Song djnv
Album: Marriot Reunion
Released: June 01, 2013
By: Cymphonique Miller
Sung by: Jasmine with Sophie and Molly
Solos: Jasmine Nelson
Place: The Choir Room
Episode: Marriot Reunion



Ya girl Cymphonique in the building no limit forever its the movement salute come on

Mouth wide open I caught you by surprise (hey) The way you look at me boy I got you hypnotized (hey) Its like I grow up yeah right before your eyes I got a lil something I know that you like

[chorus:] I'm at that point where I'ma just do me cause cant nobody do me better baby I'ma make you look at me a little differently so watch me do my thang and I'ma spread my wings cause opinions are like everybody got one they all got opinions even when you ain't ask em hey you can have your point of view cause up where I'm at you cant see how I do toniiight I'm do what I want tonight I'ma say what I want I'ma move how I want I'ma live how I want I'm just do me tonight

I got my own umbrella you cant rain on my praide and who give a care what a hater got to say cause I stay at it all day everyday my life is like a party watch me rock it till the end


Cause I'm not her and she ain't me so don't compare me to some girl you think I should be cause I'ma do my own thing let me do my own thing I'ma do me own thing tonight when I look in the mirror the face I see belongs to me


I'm at that point where I'ma just do me [x2] Make you look a me a little differently


Just Do Me

Just Do Me

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