Season One, Episode Ten
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"Celine FreakShow"


"Show Offs"


In the hallways where things got a little ...quiet Dacav5 just sprung out of nowere and was screaming and the whole school was looking at them like they were retarted and then they notice they were doing dares all over the school to see who is the best band member in Dacav5


Heidi and Justin were going to Paris for thier 1st annaversery of the moment they met and then when Heidi went to the bathroom Joannie came in and talked to him about how he is not going to give up on dating Heidi and wondering how long she is going to fall for his "stupid" charms and he knows she likes him and then he told her he was gonna break up with her tonight and he did and Joannie was surprised about how he would do a whole lot of things for her and they eventually kiss and make-out leaving Heidi in tears and in revenge mode later she chases Joannie all around the school with a gun uh-oh!


  • Highway To Hell - Dacav5
  • Never See Him Again - Heidi Mash