Let It Shine (Remix)

Let It Shine (Remix)
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Album: Marriot 6 Soundtrack
Released: June 01, 2013
By: Victoria Justice & Leon Thomas III
Sung by: Molly & Kenny
Solos: Molly & Kenny
Place: School's Auditorium
Episode: Auditions

'Let It Shine (Remix)' is a song that Molly and Kenny sing. Kenny couldn't think of a song that he could perform himself and Molly helps him by performing this song.


Shine,shine,shine,shine Here I am once again,Feeling lost but now and then breathe it in to let it go,go,go,. And you don't know where we are now where you are now Or what will come if somebody could hear when you figure out  (chorus)


Let It Shine (Remix)
Let It Shine (Remix)
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