Love Takes TimeEdit

Love Takes Time
Song momnvcx
Album: Marriot 4 Soundtrack
Released: June 01, 2009
By: Mariah Carey
Sung by: Janelle Rivas
Solos: Janelle
Place: Janelle's dining room
Episode: The Finals


I had it all But I let it slip away Couldn't see I treated you wrong Now I wander around Feeling down and cold Trying to believe that you're gone

[Chorus:] Love takes time To heal when you're hurting so much Couldn't see that I was blind To let you go I can't escape the pain Inside 'Cause love takes time I don't wanna be here I don't wanna be here alone

Losing my mind From this hollow in my heart Suddenly I'm so incomplete Lord I'm needing you now Tell me how to stop the rain Tears are falling down endlessly


You might say that it's over You might say that you don't care You might say you don't miss me You don't need me But I know that you do And I feel that you do Inside



Love Takes Time

Love Takes Time

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