Marriot Pilot

Season 1, Episode 1
Air date February 6, 2012
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Talent Show


The Queens practicing "Rules For Being Popular" and they had no one to appause them by but Brenda suggested "Thats alright when we win the Regionals 2012 we will get bigger audience applause bigger then that" "QUEEN POWER !!!!!"

Then Dacav4 the new group in school in The Ashfalls High School Showcase performing "Tetris" and got a standing ovation and they got ferious and decided to destroy them and practice hard "That Boy"

Then at The Queen's Runway Charity Dance Brenda gave Dacav4 a chance to perform for thier party and they did The Runway" "Music Is Dropping You"

While Brenda &Heidi were making fun of thier music Jenna could not stand them pusing the other team around so Jenna joined them into singing "Lights" and Heidi & Brenda were angry and decide to plot to Destroy Jenna


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