Season Two, Episode Seven
First Aired October 23, 2009
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"It Takes Time"


The Queen's perform Rules For Being Popular all over the school and wowed the school and all of a sudden Dacav5 came in and told them they are out of thier league and then Brenda wanted to tell Jenna she is out of leauge and how noticing that she is nothing but a black lil plauge that has been contaminating the whole school for years

Then later in the HQ Dacav5 , Donna , Martha were disscussing how they are gonna get through with the idea of going through the whole plan with beating The Queens and Wonder Girls

Later in the Ashfalls Cafeteria Justin & Jenna performed "Song 2 U" and wowed the crowd and Brenda yell out an insult and Joannie threw thier bag with a strange creature and then they ran away