Masqurade is the opening song for Season 2 and it is performed by Dacav5 and they performed the dance number in the middle of a restaurunt and wanted to show people that they can even rock a masqurade as much as people wanted to

Song 60
Sunged by RoboSoul
Song Guide


VERSE 1: Hiding - behind a disguise - can you feel me watching you? It's magic - that I'm lost in you spell - but you don't even have a clue

PRE CH: that/and I am hypnotized yeah I'm drawn to your eyes I just want to see your face

CHORUS Welcome to my masquerade masquerade

VERSE 2 Who are you? what is your name - is this a two faced game It's tragic - cause after tonight - my heart will never be the same

Pre Ch

Chorus Repeat 4X

Pre Ch Repeat 2X

Welcome To My Masquerade