Season One, Episode Seven
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"Kinko Jams!"


"Contest Jam Part 1"


The gang is in charge of the school news broadcast and both Jenna and Yubin are trying to be Head Reporter. As the producer, Jackie gets to choose and picks Yubin because she's generally more serious. Jenna feels slighted and sets out to prove that she can do a better job. Jackie decides she'll let them compete, but when Yubin files a hard-hitting report about the chlorine content in the school pool, Jenna can't find a story big enough to match it. Desperate to beat Yubin, Jenna goes live with a story based on hearsay and sends the whole school into a mad panic.

In other news:

  • Sarah couldn’t read the teleprompter correctly, reading even the words that weren’t meant to be read aloud.
  • Joannie is a natural at being an anchor.
  • Kyle & David are the world’s funniest weathermen: “My forecast calls for an 80% chance of awesome.” – David
  • Justin is distracted by Heidi when he is trying to come up with the main theme of the show


  • Today's School News - Jenna
  • When There Was Me And You - Martha