Music BoxEdit

Music Box
Season Two, Episode Tenth
Episode 26
First Aired October 23, 2009
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"Make It Yours"


The princible announced that a contest of a talent search hosted by Mary Elizabeth Winstead and she will show up at Ashfalls High School to find the talented students

Later when Mary shows up and she starts looking for people who are talented and when she comes across Jenna and Jackie and Emma they performed "Rumor Has It" and she was amazed and when she is her car for a little break she sings to herself "Baby It's You" and then she was inturputed by Andy and she apoligized and left then walks down the hallway and hear's Justin performing "Someday" and Mary loved it and she asked himif he was in the contest and he said he is not and she asked for his number after Joannie bust in and stops her and kicks her out

Then Mary bumps into The Wonder Girls and they performed "Anybody" and she was board and got to pretend to be excited and left then she runs into The Queens and they performed "Rules For Being Popular" and she wanted a break and SISTAR came in and performed "Open Eyes" and she wondered is everyone in this school crazy and they all answered "YES!" and noticed if it was too late to go to Winston High School

Then she was ready for another audition and Donna and Jackie performed "Love You Hate You" and she was amazed and then she then bumped into Dacav5 and then they performed "Rock With Me" and she was cool with it and then she decided to quit and go to Winston High and then she notice that she heard her mom's lullaby and notice it was "Okay" performed by Sarah and her brother Bobby and she picked Sarah and Sarah WINS and she gets to perform for her next music video

Later at The Mtv Music Awards Sarah performed "What I Said" and got a standing ovation