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Season Two, Episode One
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First Aired May 19, 2009
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Somewhere Out There


At a local resturant Dacav5 is performing a dance number and it was spectacular to many people

Dacav5 pair Joannie up with Kyle's friend, Kyle. The two soon become inseperable, and Joannie begins neglecting her friends. When Kyle keeps interrupts Dacav5 rehearsals and ruins Sarah's seience projects, everyone starts to hate Kyle, except Joannie, who ignores the fact that he's being disruptive and disrepectful to her friends. Jenna tries to talk some sense into him, but he tries to have some sex her, although he is in a relationship with Joannie...uh-oh.


Jenna keeps getting nightmares on how Kyle was gonna have sex with her and she gets overly dramatic with the whole thing and decides to bother Justin about it and he is getting fed up with her being a burden on his


  • Hero - Janelle
  • Masquarade - RoboSoul
  • Work It Out - Dacav5
  • Making Most Of It - Z
  • Kind of Music i Like - Jenna
  • Dreaming Wide Awake - Jenna & Alex
  • Firework - Jenna