Season Two, Episode Six
First Aired October 14, 2009
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"Just Marked"




To Be Continued from the pervious episode it's been a year now it's thier beginning of thier junior year and Sarah notice that Jackie is goth and went to a group called The Mimks and she did'nt care about what Sarah said and for the quickest moment she slapped Jackie and she had a fight and Sarah ran off

Then she went to her best frienamy Joannie and she

Sarah tried to get Jenna to sing and then Jenna didn't wanted to sing again and then Sarah made her sing her song Lights and she performed "Lights"

Later at Dacav5's 1st concert Jenna was so nervous and she didn't wanted to sing and the whole crowd shouted her name JENNA JENNA JENNA JENNA JENNA JENNA! and she decided to sing "Make It Now" the whole crowd was dancing and then


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