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Sarah Monawaki[]

Sarah Monawaki
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5"7" (168 cm)
Occupation(s): Student at Yale University
Family & Friends
  • Jenna Perkawitz (best friend)
  • Andy Mercer (best friend)
  • Jackie Doorman (best friend)
  • Joannie Kuvago (best friend)
  • Z
  • Logan Henderson
  • Kyle Dylan
  • Justin Daily
  • Katy Perry
  • Ronnie Moore
  • Martha Becks
  • Alex
  • Emma
  • Donna
  • Heidi Mash (sometimes)
  • Jesse Moss
  • Derek Haig
  • Olivia Sanchez
  • Kenny Sanchez
  • Kolten Hayes
  • Maggie Christenson
  • Lisa Chase
  • Marissa Pelt
  • Cameron James
  • Charlie Swift
  • Jasmine Nelson
  • Hayley Rose
  • Kenny Thompson
  • Jake Perkins
  • Topher Donald
  • Cody Meeks
  • Sophie Perkins
  • Portia Van Steele
  • Jackie
  • Leah
  • Jo
  • Joanna Clark
  • Zoey Williams
  • Jenna Perkawitz
  • Ana Burroe
  • Joey Simpson
  • Zach Evans
  • Dean Miles
  • Blaine Tuttle
  • Simon Smitt
  • Miranda Holt
  • Andrea Moyer
  • Harmony Jones
  • Molly Joan Fizgerald
  • Kavena Hope
  • Valarie Yeligama
  • Brenda
  • Kitty Baxter
  • Melissa Wilde
  • Brenda Haggenstans
  • Wonder Girls
  • Robert Cream
  • Jake Masters
  • Jessie
Other Information
Interests: Science, Math and Music
Education: Ashfalls High School
Talent: Science, Math and Music
Weaknesses: Protecton of earth
Series Information
First appearance: Marriot Pilot
Last appearance: The Finals
Portrayed By: Morgan York


Sarah is a social outcast she never sits with anyone she never talks to anybody all she does is be alone and protect earth and when ever she does talk to someone she always goes crazy and talk about forcing them to help save the earth


Joannie Kuvago[]

(best friend)

She is always following Joannie and she is always side by side and even though she hates her ans Joannie hates her Joannie still helps out Sarah when there is a bully problem she is good friends with Jenna and Best BFF with Jackie



(Singing with Dacav5 or Group)[]