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Show Offs
Season One, Episode Eleven
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Dacav5 is going green and Jenna bet with Yubin with who ever can create a safe and an enviornmental friendly machine huge enough to help the world will get a secret concert with Green Day and for what Wonder Girls got was thier latest invention called "The Wonder Fantastic Recycle Machiene" and it creates to most finest forests by itselfs that way if people want to cut down a tree the machiene will re-grow it and it will save the forest for real and Dacav5 is going to try and build thier own forest saving machiene and make it better and it turned out to be a real bust which got The Wonder Girls their Green Day concert while Dacav5 is backstage paying the forest manager the whole forest money.


Sarah is trying to find a way to get Green Day to come to her school to perform a secret concert for her friends.


  • Stray Heart - Green Day

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Green Day - themselves