Soul SongEdit

Soul Song
Season Two, Episode One
First Aired October 14, 2009
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"Show Offs"



This Episode will introduce 4 celebrity guests


In The School down the hallway Dacav5 walked down and was ready for thier 1st Sectionals in over 3 months and realize that it's in 3 days and they were pissed off and decide to spend thier time in the auditorium and just sing a song "Tetirs" and Jackie said "Are We Gonna accually spend time going through with this" and everyone agreed and walked out and Yubin came and wished Dacav5 good luck and have a ball out there and walked off with glares so Jenna decided they need new band members and was looking for any back-up singers and looked around and found 2 boys Kyle and David and they were awesome rappers and guitar and drum players and performed "Let It Rock" so they were in

Everyone didn't felt like it was enough so they looked around the whole school for auditions to join Dacav5 and so far everyone sucked and they found 2 girls Joannie Kuvago and she performed "As Long As You're There" and Sarah Monawaki and she performed Mariah Carey's "Hero" and wowed the crowd and Yubin was jealous so far and deicide to work up Wonder Girls.

At The Sectionals 2012 as Dacav5 and Wonder Girls were looking at each other they notice that they really screwed each other up and Wonder Girls were up next and Performed "Be My Baby" and they sucked at the end then Dacav5 was gonna perform "Tetirs" but , they sucked and Sarah wanted Joannie to go out and help them out Joannie refused to and Sarah took her in by force. Joannie and Sarah helped them out "Edge Of Glory" and gave the crowd a standing ovation and incourgaded Jenna to perfrom a song for her mom on Mother's Day "Love On Top" and wowed the crowd


Celebrity GuestsEdit

  • Morgan York - Sarah Monawaki
  • Hayley Chase - Joannie Kuvago
  • Adam Hicks - Kyle
  • Logan Lerman - David
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