Talent Show
Season 1, Episode 2
First Aired September 16, 2009
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"Marriot Pilot"


"Turn It Up"


Dacav5 is performing "Tetris" in the cafeteria and they were so amazing they had another standing ovation and they noticed in the school newspaper that The Queens transferred to another school and they celebrated so hard and then at home Jenna and her friends Jackie and Emma and Jake were practicing "Rumor Has It" and they were amazing and Jackie and Jenna were talking about how they were defenetly going to win The Final 2012 Regionals this year and no one will stop us now

Then in the school auditorium Davac5 is practicing "Go Go Go Go" Z was practicing for the Talent Show so they performed "Start The Party" then at the bar downtown Jenna and Jackie and Emma and Jake went down on stage and performed from the freedom of The Queens "Rumor Has It" and they had a standing ovation then out on the window the screen slowley closed up on Brenda and Hiedi and Brenda decide to retrieve her revenge by summoning Wonder Girls and then Wonder Girls made a world wide music video "Be My Baby"

Later in school Dacav5 came in and notice the entire school is surrounding on The Wonder Girls and Dacav5 tried to notice and try to meet them and then The Wonder Girls rudely dismissed them and walked off and then Dacav5 went to thier HQ and all of a sudden when they noticed that the main point of the whole thing they discovered is that Brenda sent them here for revenge and THIER ASIANS asians are creatively spectacular they are gonna lose and they will be forced to transferr and they don't want that "Fly Away"

Then for the Talent Show The Wonder Girls peformed "Good Bye" and the crowd was amazed and then Dacav5 performed "Don't Hold Back" then Yubin noticed that is going to be difficult to win for the Final 2012 Regionals this year but don't worry she got it all under control.


  • Tetris - Dacav5
  • Rumor Has It - Jenna Jackie Emma Jake
  • Start The Party - Z & Dacav5
  • Rumor Has It - Jenna Jackie Emma Jake
  • Go Go Go Go - Dacav5
  • Be My Baby - Wonder Girls
  • Fly Away - Jenna Jackie Emma
  • Good Bye - Wonder Girls
  • Don't Hold Back - Dacav5

New CharactersEdit

The Wonder Girls