That BoyEdit

That Boy
Song 299
Album: None
Released: April 17, 2012
By: The Queens

That Boy is a song made by The Queens for them to practice as hard as they can until they got the right note and then all of a sudden Heidi messed up the 2nd verse moves


Rap: Look at that boy dressed so fine Anyone could see girl what's on your mind Go on up and ask him - his name Time for you to get into the game You can't win if you don't play If you want him don't walk away

Vocals: That boy is poetry in motion Emotion that's ocean deep That boy is givin' me the notion That my devotion will be well received Kept in his heart Under lock and key I pray that's the way It will always be

How will I know If it's real I only know I know how I feel And what I feel is so real I can't deny it no more I can't fight it no more

That boy Is making me realize That these butterflies are here to stay That boy - he's got me mesmerized Terrified he might walk away What does it mean When you start to lose yourself Find that you don't wanna be with nobody else

Yeah, yeah, yeah


That boy is givin me the notion He's poetry in motion He really is, he really is