The Kind Of Music I LikeEdit

The Kind Of Music I Like is a song sung by Jenna to show that she just want's everyone to know her way how she likes her own music

The Kind Of Music I Like
Song 39
Album: Marriot 2 The Soundtrack
Released: September 09, 2009
By: Jenna Perkins
Sung by: Jenna Perkins


Jenna: You know what imma show ya'll how my music do i like hip hop where they show off poetry in a more rapping style or do i like blues where music is sad and lonley or NO

(Chorus) I Do what i do i can sing what i sing you can't change it no one can change it's all me let me tell ya that whatever you play on the thing i don't care as long it's The Kind Of Music I Like The Kind Of Music I Like

You can't stop me from doing all the things i like like cooking cleaning performing dancing dreaming hoping hanging out but you can't change the way i roll on my songs let me tell ya


I told you i told you i told you yes i told you let me tell ya

(Chorus 2X)


  • This is the 1st song in the series that is made up and not sung originally by anyone