Turn It UpEdit

Turn It Up
Season 1, Episode 3
Jenna and Brenda
First Aired September 20, 2009
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"Talent Show"


"Battle Of The Sexist"


Jenna is walking down the hall and sees Brenda and Hiedi collecting merchandice from The Wonder Girls store after thier big success and wondered have you had anything to give to these innocent little high school kids oh well sorry and walked off

Then Dacav5 performed "Marcus" and all of a sudden Brenda walked in and asked Jenna if she could help them with thier vocal techniques but, notice her voice is not gonna be needed for them anymore so she moved on to Jackie and she refused to and then Brenda was forced to sue on Dacav5 for everything they got and everyone got into a big fight and Heidi went down the hall and expressed her aggravating and neglected feelings "The Worst Things I Could Do" and walked off down the hall

Then at the cefeteria The Wonder Girls performed "Rules For Being Popular" and Brenda was worried cause 1 that's thier song and 2 their doing the choreography more better than them and Brenda walked in and stopped them and tells them that they needed to leave and Yubin refused to and Brenda and Yubin had a small argument and Heidi stopped it and she was getting completely aggrivated with Brenda always trying to fight or get into and argument with all that shit needs to end right now and Brenda really appreciated the whole thing and she forgives her for that and they both walk off together and Yubin made a risist joke on Heidi and she ran back and attacked Yubin

Then during a Dacav5 gig they were performing "Kanku" to celebrate with the fact that the king is now feeling much better then Jenna and Brenda talked things out together and Heidi was real proud of her and all of a sudden Yubin crashed in and Sun says "We Are The New Queens" and everyone started throwing tomatoes at then and Yubin yells "We'll Sue!" and everyone sadly walked off and Yubin was a little bit proud of herself and Jenna threw an apple at her and everyone laughed


  • Marcus - Dacav5
  • There Are Worst Things I Could Do - Heidi Mash
  • The Rules For Being Popular - The Wonder Girls
  • Kanku - Dacav5