We Got AnnieEdit

We Got Annie
Song omjf
Album: Marriot 6 Soundtrack
Released: June 01, 2013
By: Cast of Annie
Sung by: Mary Van Steele and the servents
  • Mary,
  • Punjab,
  • Mrs. Pugh
  • Asp
  • and Ellis
Place: Portia's Mansion
Episode: Poverty

We Got Annie is a song performed by Mary Van Steele. After the birth of Portia, Mary and John were happy to finally have a child of their own and when John went to file her name as Annie, Mary springed into joy and danced all around the house with everyone until she got caught and renamed her Portia.


Mary: We got Annie.

Gardener: We've got Annie?

Mary: Yeah! She's like the shine on your shoes, or hearing a blues that's great. Makes you relax, like a big tax rebate! We got Annie!

Servants: We got Annie! We got Annie? We got Annie!

Mrs. Pugh: And Benny Goodman's got swing. Bing is a king, by far. Mutt has got Jeff, and Eleanor, F.D.R.!

Mary: We got Annie!

Asp: We got Annie!

Punjab: We got Annie!

Asp: We've got Annie!

Molly: We got Annie! (whispers) Annie.


We Got Annie

We Got Annie

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