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Wonder Girls
Wonder Girls


Talent Show


Pop Singers




Ashfalls High School


1st Place - 2006 Sectionals

1st Place - 2007 Regionals

1st Place - 2007 Nationals

1st Place - 2007 Sectionals

1st Place - 2008 Regionals

1st Place - 2008 Nationals

1st Place - 2008 Sectionals

1st Place - 2009 Regionals

1st Place - 2009 Nationals

1st Place - 2009 Sectionals

1st Place - 2010 Regionals

1st Place - 2010 Nationals

1st Place - 2010 Sectionals

1st Place - 2011 Regionals

1st Place - 2011 Nationals



The Wonder Girls are the most spectacular singing group in the country and they never lose to anyone not even the best ones they are also Dacav5's arch rivals After The Queens transferred to another school for losing the 2012 regionals Brenda called and assigned The Wonder Girls to take thier place from now on

They was first seen in Talent Show, performing All I Want Is Everything and intimidating Dacav5. They are again seen when Dacav5 want to hire Daniel Keith .

They compete against Dacav5 and Intensity at the Regionals, winning first place.

Songs PerformedEdit

  • Tell Me
  • Nobody
  • So Hot
  • All I Want Is Everything
  • 2 Different Tears
  • Be My Baby
  • It's Not Love
  • Stupid
  • Wishing On A Star
  • Joyo Joyo
  • Army Song
  • Anybody
  • Now
  • The DJ Is Mine (featuring School Gyrls)
  • K-Food Party
  • Hero
  • This Time
  • Irony
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