Yubin San
Character Yubin
Wonder Girl 1
Occupation Leader


Yubin is the leader of The Wonder Girls and she is a the main antagonist (besides Brenda) and she makes better insults and better music and better backup then The Queens but that will be thier little secret


Talent Show : Yubin & her sisters were introduced into the school by showing Dacav5 thier "Be My Baby" music video and show them what The Wonder Girls are all about

Cardio : Yubin kicks Jackie out of the Wonder Girls when she gets braces and glasses, fearing that it would ruin her reputation. However, Yubin tries to get Jackie back into the group in order to win the school talent show after hearing her amazing singing voice.

Music Mix : Yubin tries to get Kacey to lose a bet with Dacav5.

Guest List : Yubin gets invited to Justin Cole's annual party.

Art Talent : Yubin enters her painting of her in the school art contest, but it is later revealed that she cheated by having her art teacher paint the picture for her.

Musical Charges : Yubin and the WG's make a music video which goes viral on the Internet, skyrocketing them to fame complete with a merchandise line at school. But when Jackie gets kicked out of Dacav5, Yubin tries to lure her back into the clique.

Musical Election : Yubin runs against Jenna and Z for student body president and ends up losing to Z.

Musical Newsarticle : Yubin and Janna vie for the position of Head Reporter for the school news broadcast.

Pranks! : Yubin humiliates Jenna in front of the guy she likes.

"The Birthday Song" : she acts nicer to Dacav5 so she can be invited to Jenna's party to humiliate her, but Jenna knew what she was up to, and her plan backfired.